Uploading images via drag-&-drop to iPath Telemedicine

Developer: Kurt Brauchli <kurt.brauchli(at)>

The stand alone client shown above is available as either a python script (for all platforms) or an all-in-one Windows® executable.

To test the HXP image uploader please download the client from here: or

If you want to test the camera image capture feature please click here : cam capture. Please take note that this client currently only uses the TWAIN driver so you can only test the camera capture on Windows® platforms. If you use Linux or another platform, you can still use the drag-&-drop feature and please read further below.

How to use the client to upload images via drag-&-drop?

  • Download the HXP client (either python script or Windows exe).
  • Extract the files to a directory
  • Start the
  • On the menu, choose "Mode" and select "iPath" or "iPath Case Files".
  • Enter a case number in the "Case no." input (e.g. 10)
  • Click "Connect". When prompted enter username = "hxp", password = "hxp"
  • When the case is found, the case's basic information will be displayed on the "server response" block.
  • Drag and drop the image to the "Drop images here:" block. You can also drag several images at once.
  • The upload progress will be shown.
  • After a successfull upload, an "OK" will be shown.

Where do the images go?

What encounter numbers are available from that HIS?


    If you enter a number which is not available in the remote server, the client will still display "connected" but the upload will fail. This is due to the fact that the client does not do error-checking yet.

What is the URL of the HXP server that receives the images?

How can I verify the uploaded images?

  • Go to the remote iPath server at .
  • Login with username = "hxp" and password = "hxp".
  • On the displayed "Your discussion groups", click "hxp".
  • The cases will be displayed.
  • Click the case that you used for uploading the images.
  • The thumbnails will be shown. Click on a thumbnail to display the larger version.

    By the way, you can also enter comments, diagnoses, remarks for each image on this module.

How many procedure calls are being used in this client and which ones?

    Only 2.

  • Encounter.Infostring
  • EMR.Image.Add

I see iPath everywhere in the demos. Is HXP a subpart of iPath ?

    No. HXP is a project of its own. You see iPath here because the current demos were created by the iPath group. It should change when other projects (e.g. Care2x, OIO, Freemed, and co.) start running their own HXP demos. These demo pages will be revised once other demos become available.

Can I also capture an image with a camera?

Credits to Kurt Brauchli for developing this client.

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