About the authors

An author is a person who has contributed any of the following to the development of the HXP protocol:

  • A procedure name and/or specification
  • Documentation of the protocol
  • List is alphabetically ordered by first name:


    Elpidio Latorilla

    Created the first draft proposals for the protocol and the PCD (Procedure Call Dictionary).

    Programmer, OR Nurse, Electronics & telecommunications technician

    He is also the founder and main developer of the Care2x Integrated Healthcare Environment project
    which is also using this HXP protocol.

    Elpidio Latorilla can be contacted here.


    Kurt Brauchli

    Proposed the image upload procedure and created the python clients.

    Kurt Brauchli studied biology and mathematics at University of Basel.

    From 1999 - 2003 working on the telepathology project at the
    Department of Pathology in Basel and is currently at the
    Telemedicine Unit, University of Transkei in Umtata, South Africa.

    The main result of this project is iPath an open source telemedicine
    platform that allows consultations, teaching and other form of
    collaboration among medical specialists. more about iPath at

    Kurt Brauchli can be contacted here.

    About the translators

    A translator is a person who has translated any documents (or portions) into a different language without modifying the protocol.

    List is alphabetically ordered by first name:


    Muhammad Panji (ID)

    Translated the HXP website to Indonesian.

    Muhammad Panji can be contacted here.

    About the support officers

    A support officer has contributed to the hxp project but is neither an author nor a translator. Examples: website admin, financial sponsor, debugger, graphic designer, promoter, marketing consultant, etc.

    List is alphabetically ordered by first name:

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