HXP is the standard data exchange protocol being used by healthcare applications to communicate transparently with each other regardless of their platforms.

HXP makes data exchange among healthcare applications:

  • simple to implement

  • easy to understand

  • platform independent

  • free or very low cost

  • free from vendor lock

  • reliable

  • secure with authentication

  • encrypted with SSL protocol

  • flexible

  • transparent

  • free from geographic restrictions

  • open sourced

  • developed collaboratively

  • peer reviewed

  • intercontinental real-time transfer possible

HXP consists of XML message format and the Procedure Call Dictionary (PCD). The XML message is currently based on the open standard specifications of the XML-RPC protocol. This is not an absolute decision and may change in the phases of development.

It is a protocol for making and receiving procedure calls over the internet and thus allow reception and transmission of data among remote healthcare applications.

What this means is that different healthcare information systems can use HXP to "ask each other questions" or "talk to each other".

How is it used?

Using HXP is just like making a function call in your program, only the computer that executes the function could be thousands of miles away.

In normal programming situations, an interface library is usually used that handles the actual message formatting. The programmer does not need to know exactly how the message is formatted. With the use of the library, he uses his usual programming conventions to send and receive messages.

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