Mengapa anda harus bergabung?

  • You can use it in your application. IT IS FREE!
  • You can propose procedures and data structures
  • You can propose better concepts and methodologies
  • You can review the current proposals
  • You can propose for improvements, modifications, or discarding of a proposal
  • You can criticise current proposals and justify your criticism
  • You can prove the effectiveness of your proposals
  • You can demonstrate the feasibility of your proposals with actual working demo
  • You can join the worldwide Demo Online interoperating servers

    What are the requirements?

  • when proposing, make a formal justification of your proposals
  • when proposing, make an Demo Online of your proposals for others to verify
  • Do not discriminate other people and their proposals

    How to join?

    Simple, just click here:

    What will happen after I joined?

  • You will receive a confirmation email
  • You will be added to the developers mailing list after 1 - 3 days (you can unsubscribe anytime)

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