HXP Guidelines

To benefit from a better performance in return for some additional programming complexity, the advanced server conformity guidelines below can be followed.

  • Procedures that belong to a main group like e.g. "Person" should be created as a separate server.
  • The server script should be named after the procedures' main group name like e.g. "Person" but in lowercase.

    Examples 1: The main group is "Person" like in the procedures Person.Basic, Person.List, Person.Search .


    Examples 2: The main group is "EMR" like in the procedures EMR.History, EMR.Test.Result, EMR.Problem.Care .

  • Most important! The default server e.g. "server.php" containing all the procedures must always be available.
  • The default server must have a system procedure that returns the info whether the system supports the advanced server configuration or not. This procedure is called system.Server.Advanced.Exists and must be callable at the main server (e.g. "server.php").

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